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Call Me Crazy

I keep thinking to myself is this worth it? Is a lifestyle change as extreme as this worth it? Is doing something this hard with few people to relate to worth it? As I sit back and watch another friend, another fighter fall last night I wonder if it’s worth it? As I sit in this bathtub in pain from detoxifying my mind and body of everything from this world we as humans have created, crying, sick and sore I continuously ask myself if it’s worth it. continue reading…


A Room Full of Us

If I asked you to guess what being in a room full of various stage 4 cancer patients is like what would you say? Sad? Depressing? Something along those lines, right? Wrong. There are only two words to describe being in a room full of stage 4 cancer patients. continue reading…

July 7, 2016


Our world is all about vanity. It’s sad but true. The part that makes me the most upset looking back is remembering myself crying after my second surgery… Not because I had STAGE 3 cancer and my entire life was changing but because I thought my scar was so ugly. continue reading…

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Why Alone?

This seems to be the question of the year and now that the week is winding down, some of the fundraising (thank you again to everyone involved) craziness has calmed down and my countdown to leave continues to grow shorter, I have some time to answer some Q’s. So let’s tackle the most asked question first. continue reading…

June 30, 2016

Why Mexico?

It’s absolutely unbelievable to me that US doctors are fleeing our country to live and work or commuting to other countries everyday from the US to work in other countries where they will not get convicted and charged for curing cancer because our medical system and FDA is so corrupt. continue reading…

June 29, 2016

The “Bad News” Cycle

Like many thing in life I’ve come to realize it’s a cycle. It’s my “bad news cycle”, at least that’s what I like to call it. We fall into cycles every day as simple as our daily routines and relationships to the way we spend our entire year. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, repeat. New Years, Fourth of July, Christmas, repeat. I’ve gone through the steps of my “bad news cycle” so many times that it’s starting to feel as common as my wake up, make bed, run errands, shower, watch tv, go to sleep routine that I cycle through daily…. But this time around it feels so different. continue reading…

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Mental FREAKING Health

Certain things hit home and give each of us individuals “the feels”. We don’t all have that same “thing” and it’s completely understandable that something can effect someone more strongly than the next person which explains why we don’t all care so deeply about the same things. One of my “things” is mental health/disorders. continue reading…

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