Call Me Crazy

I keep thinking to myself is this worth it? Is a lifestyle change as extreme as this worth it? Is doing something this hard with few people to relate to worth it? As I sit back and watch another friend, another fighter fall last night I wonder if it’s worth it? As I sit in this bathtub in pain from detoxifying my mind and body of everything from this world we as humans have created, crying, sick and sore I continuously ask myself if it’s worth it. And I remind myself over and over of my textbook answer I use to drive myself everyday: “yes chloe, it’s worth it. You want to experience all life has to offer. Graduating college, walking down the wedding aisle, enjoying the indescribable love of bearing a child” but after the conversation I had tonight with some amazing, intelligent, God driven people I find my reasons continue to change as God continues to change me from the inside out. I could possibly never graduate college, I could possibly never get married and it’s a big possibility that I may be infertile and may not be able to have children…. BUT THATS OKAY because none of those things are what God has called me to do in this lifetime. God has given me this indescribable wealth of knowledge and this perfect platform to use it on. He has strengthened me and trained me to be his great warrior. It has taken me a long time to see his work but I was “in training” to be strong enough to do so. I have knowledge on our industries, our health systems, our politics and all the things that intertwine to make our country a whole that most people don’t. I have so much insight that I am afraid to try and put it all together and share it, it almost pays to be in denial… But one step at a time. Even if my blogs never go “viral” I will have done my duty to our Lord by sharing and hopefully enlightening my loved ones. This world is so corrupt and the only thing we have to save us is to walk by faith through the Lord. So as I continue my journey, not my cancer journey, but my journey of the Lords work I ask nothing from you all but support and encouragement of my movement. It’s time to get healthy. I am joining the forces of all the fighters I’ve met here, both sick and healthy. We are aware it will be a lengthy battle and we are aware we are the underdogs but we will win because Gods will always wins! It’s time to get healthy, it’s time to expose and save lives. I want my loved ones healthy and I want it now and it’s obvious to me now that this is spread farther than my main focus, cancer. I hope you will stand with me in this fight. More to come soon.