A Room Full of Us

If I asked you to guess what being in a room full of various stage 4 cancer patients is like what would you say? Sad? Depressing? Something along those lines, right? Wrong. There are only two words to describe being in a room full of stage 4 cancer patients. Life changing. When I came here I knew I was coming to try something new to heal and to detoxify my body. What I failed to realize is the real change would be healing and detoxifying my mind. Never in my entire life have I felt so grateful to have this illness as I do during my time here in Mexico. I am not sad, nor does it make me sad to be in a room full of fighters like me because thats just it, we are all fighters. The positivity, wisdom and outlook on life that circulates in the room with us is out of this damn world. Its life changing like I said. Theres definitely something to be said for the changes situations like ours puts you through and a room full of all of us with these changed mind sets and attitudes is almost overwhelming. Its nothing short of contagious and humbling. I feel so honored to be around these role models and I can only imagine how outsiders looking in on our situations must feel just knowing how I feel but also going through my own journey. I had never experienced this kind of thing until I came here. Doctors visits, discussions about my illness, etc was always so upsetting and down grading but here its magic. Im addicted to the feeling I get when I walk into a room full of all my friends here and its a situation I would recommend to anyone if they are looking for different perspective on life. Its laughter, its love, its so much life. Its acceptance of an unfortunate diagnosis but a genuine smile anyways. We all have so much living to do and we bask in the small stuff. Im loving every minute.