Why Mexico?

It’s absolutely unbelievable to me that US doctors are fleeing our country to live and work or commuting to other countries everyday from the US to work in other countries where they will not get convicted and charged for curing cancer because our medical system and FDA is so corrupt.

It’s absolutely unbelievable to me that US patients are having to flee to other countries to receive care they could not be provided in the US just to see another day and absolutely unbelievable they are using thousands of dollars out of their own pockets for a PROVEN cancer cure the FDA refuses to recognize therefore making it impossible to process through health insurance. I have come to the point in my journey where I have exhausted all the options the US can provide me, a point where they continuously look at me with blank faces while I sit back and watch my health deteriorate. I have made the absolutely hardest decision in my journey and I have decided it’s time to seek health else where. It’s time to stand up for myself and leave my doctors behind. I knew there was a cure out there but up until this point seeking help in another country seemed insane and regretfully now I feel like I should have listened to my heart from the very beginning despite what the military/government/FDA was allowing me to do. I’m ready to be healthy and if that means travel then Mexico here I come!