Why Alone?

This seems to be the question of the year and now that the week is winding down, some of the fundraising (thank you again to everyone involved) craziness has calmed down and my countdown to leave continues to grow shorter, I have some time to answer some Q’s. So let’s tackle the most asked question first.

There’s a few reasons I’m going alone. First and foremost, it’s a lot to ask of someone to pick up their lives and live in another country for 21 days especially when it’s not for some fun vacation. Everyone has jobs, families, prior engagements and obligations. It’s just not something I would ask someone to do. Now secondly but in my mind most importantly, I think every twenty something year old should have some “soul searching” time. Not everyone is fortunate as me to be given that (like I always say… Find the positives in all things.) Its just another reason to be thankful for my cancer journey and the road it had taken me down. Growing up is hard, finding who you are and what your purpose is or what makes you feel most fulfilled is the hardest challenge of your twenties. I’m blessed to be able to spend mine in Mexico with few distractions and great people who can daily relate to my struggles. If you know me very well you know I’ve always been a control freak independent let me do it all myself individual. Don’t worry about me guys. I got this. And don’t for one second think that I’m going to be alone. I’m going to be exactly where I want to be. I’m going to be in a homey hospital surrounded by people who are nothing but understanding because they’re in the same boat. I’m excited to connect with these strangers on a deep ocean level. I’m excited to have no other option but to grow at a fast pace and find out things about myself during this opportunity I otherwise wouldn’t have been given. I’m blessed. I’m excited. I’m ready to be healed. I’m all in and completely ready for this next adventure! Xo