Aldrin and Baylee with Enagic

“Change Your Water… Change Your Life!”

Aldrin & Baylee’s Story

Baylee’s mom, Kim, was diagnosed with cancer over a decade ago. For all of you that know what its like to go through chemo, radiation, and other treatments, you would understand that 12 years is an excessive amount of time to watch your loved ones endure. Every day when we wake up, our motivation, our fuel, our reason WHY we do this, is to get married and have our children grow up knowing their grandma. Its a true blessing seeing Kim enjoy the health benefits of our Kangen Water® Machine. When you see someone you love bouncing back from chemo in a matter of 48 hours as compared to several days, that’s what we call a clue.

The Root Cause of Cancer

The Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Otto Warburg, discovered that cancerous tissues are acidic whereas healthy tissue is alkaline. His research proves that cancer and other human diseases cannot exist in an alkaline environment. Cancer is simply the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells known as free radicals. This chain reaction thrives when acid levels are high. “ALL human disease comes from the same root cause: too much acidity.”

Combat Cancer With Kangen Water®

In Japanese, the word Kangen means “Return to Origin”. Kangen Water® is alkaline, high in anti-oxidants, and micro-clustered. It hydrates the brain and body on a cellular level and helps detoxify the internal organs, neutralize free radicals that cause disease, and flush acid waste from the body. It also has an abundance of Active Hydrogen which has the potential to reduce the oxidation of your body. We can’t make claims that Kangen Water® heals or cures anything. This miracle healing water simply puts your body in the perfect frame of health where it does what it does best: Heal itself!

Change Your Water… Change Your Life!

Don’t let cancer thrive in the high acid levels of your body. Flush that acid waste, alkalize your body, and enjoy the benefits of active hydrogen by drinking Kangen Water®. That’s why Baylee and I do this. Because we know in our hearts that we have the opportunity to impact the health of all those we love. We believe in being driven by purpose and we are very grateful for the opportunity to promote health and spread wellness. We invite you to learn more about our movement. To own a machine of your own, attend a water demo or any other inquires please feel free to contact us.

Aldrin & Baylee

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Here’s a video of Dr. Oz explaining how antioxidants fight cancer.

Killing Cancer With Kangen Water®

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