Magaly with Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

My Story

Never in my life would I believe I would be sitting In front of on oncologist telling me that I had a year to live. Being diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma was the hardest battle of my life. I wasn’t going to let someone dictate my life. I did everything in my power to direct myself in the path of natural healing. I was not going to let someone tell me how long I was going to be in this world. This was only the beginning of the hardest battle of my life. In a way I wanted to continue living life normally as if nothing was wrong. As I started my natural treatments I also continued to live my life as if nothing was wrong. Looking back now it was the biggest mistake I ever made. I continued to go to school full time and also work full time. Something in me did not want my life to change. The twist to my story is the day I found out I was pregnant. That day I was surprised because in my eyes I did not think I was healthy enough to get pregnant. Going trough this pregnancy meant I was taking a lot of risks. I remember laying on the table of UCLA center to have an ultrasound and the technician telling me that I was still in time to have an abortion. How the hell was I going to have an abortion? I mean how was I going to kill someone who did not have any fault in this? I remember telling her that I did not care how my baby came out and that I was going to love them regardless of the circumstances. On February 29 I started having complications with my leg from what I thought was my sciatic nerve, I will talk about that later. On March 13, 2016 at 8 am I was blessed with my beautiful baby boy, Abel Alexander Morfin. He was born at 6 pounds 12 oz and was healthy as can be. About a month and a half later I was experencing a lot of body pains and I was taken to the Emergency Room. Those 2 days I was there were the worst days of my life. The CAT scans came back showing my cancer had metastesised to my brain during my pregnancy. That was not the worst part. It had spread to my lung, spleen, and bones. Again I told myself I was not going to let this stop me and I was going to keep fighting. I started looking for many different natural treatment centers and that is when I found CHIPSA. I have been here for almost 4 weeks and my tumors have shrank. It has been a hard road here but in no way am I giving up because I will fight until my last day. I have 2 kids looking up to me at home and I can’t give up ever. Every person in this world needs their mom and they will have theirs.

My Message to You…